HP Printer Issues After Windows 10 Upgrade

Many users reported HP printer issues post Windows 10 upgrade. The printer stops working, encounters an error or behaves in an unexpected manner.

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Alternative manual troubleshooting steps are given below:

Restart Printer

A temporary glitch can cause printer issues. Turning off the printer, unplug power cord, wait for a second, re-plug power cord and turn it on again.

Confirm Updates Installation

During the Windows 10 upgrade process several updates are installed. This includes important software updates that enable fully functioning of your printer and other devices with installed OS version. Due to power failure or any other issue, the updates installation process may have interrupted.

1. Type Change device installation settings in the Search Box of your Taskbar.


2. Select the option labelled Yes, do this automatically (recommended) and then click Save Changes button.


Verify Firewall Conflicts

Printing operation may also stop due to Firewall conflicts. Turn off Windows Firewall security software. If you’re using a third party Firewall software, refer the Help documentations.

1. Type Windows Firewall with Advanced Security in the Search box.

2. Open it from Search Results.



3. Expand Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer node.

4. Click Action menu, choose Properties.


5. Set the Firewall State to Off in following tabs:

  • Domain Profile
  • Private Profile
  • Public Profile


6. Click OK.

Set Active Printer as Default

Go to the Devices and Printers page in the Control Panel and make sure the active printer is set as default.

1. Type Devices and Printers in the Search Box of your Taskbar.

2. Open it from the Search Results.


3. You have a new page opened in the Control Panel window.

4. Check whether your active printer has a green color tick. If it doesn’t have, right click it and select Set as default.


Use HP Print & Scan Doctor

A free tool from HP can identity and diagnose various printing issues. Visit the HP Print & Scan Doctor official download page to get it and check for possible issues.

1. Download, install and launch HP Print & Scan Doctor.

2. You have Welcome page on your screen. Select your active printer, choose Next.

3. Click Fix Printing in subsequent page.

4. It’ll show you actionable results. Passed tests will be shown with a green color tick. Click Test Printer to test it or click Skip button.

5. If you see a red critical icon read instructions and fix the issue accordingly.

6. To diagnose Firewall conflicts, click the Network menu, and select Troubleshoot Firewalls option.

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