Master Tutorial to Get Rid of Duplicate Music & Videos

An average computer is filled with tens of thousands of duplicate music and videos, typically occupying several GBs. With such a large number and massive stuff, we, humans, cannot keep track and compare every file. It’s simply impractical! Let’s learn some pretty painless and hassle-free techniques to automate this task and get it done within few minutes. Read on…

Using Duplicate Finder Feature in iTunes

iTunes has a duplicate finder feature that primarily filters duplicates by matching music name, artist and other information.

1. Open iTunes. (Start > All Apps > iTunes > iTunes)


2. Press Alt key to show menu bar.

3. Click View menu, and select Show duplicate items.


4. Now you have a list of all duplicate music, media items. Sort them alphabetically by clicking the “Name” column head.

5. Review the music list, determine files to remove using the information provided in Release Date, Time, Genre, and other columns.


6. Choose duplicates you want to remove. Use Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click to select multiple items at a time.

7. Right click the selection, choose Delete option.


8. You’ve a confirmation box on your screen. Click Delete Songs button.

Experts Recommended..

A duplicate files cleaner makes more room to store new files without needing to pay a single penny for external HDD or online storage services. Its powerful scan algorithms quickly compare all sorts of music, video file formats from bulk drives, folders, sub folders and reclaim tens of GBs of storage space.

Why Use a Dupes Cleaner?

  • Presents accurate results with powerful scan algorithms
  • Compares variety of file formats on the basis of file tags, metadata, etc.
  • Backup feature protects you from data loss. Simply restore previous backups from History tab.
  • Supports internal HDD and external storage such as external HDD, USB flash drive, SD card, digital photo cameras, iPhone, etc.
  • Cleans up dupes scattered across several locations with different names, yet same content.
  • CFC is pre-configured with best settings to make the scan process pretty easier.

Clean Dupes in Only 5 Steps!

Zap all junk tracks from your music, videos library on the basis of metadata, file tags, and other relevant information. Follow the instructions given below:

Step # 1: Download Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker from official site.

Free Download Clone Files Checker




Estimated download time: 15 Seconds

Step # 2: Quickly add drives and folders containing your music and videos. Don’t worry; we’ve already listed following default locations for you:

  • C:\Users\Public\Music
  • C:\Users\Public\Downloads
  • C:\Users\Public\Videos
  • C:\Users\USER_NAME\Music
  • C:\Users\USER_NAME:\Music\iTunes
  • C:\Users\USER_NAME\Downloads
  • C:\Users\USER_NAME\Videos


Step # 3: Let’s customize the scan further. Choose “Custom” option, and check-up the box labelled “Music” and “Videos”.


Step # 4: Start the scan and wait till it finishes.


Step # 5: After completion, the program comes with two options, viz. Quick-Fix and Review & Fix. Follow the on-screen instructions.


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