Migrate Files from DropBox to Google Drive

Thanks to the technology, it is possible to directly transfer files over-the-cloud. You don’t need to download any of your files and re-upload them again. The process fairly simple. It is done through a cloud migration system. Most importantly, the transfer speed is much higher than you can ever imagine! Read on…

Migrating your Files Over-the-Cloud

Step # 1: Sign Up for a Cloud Transfer Service

There are plenty of cloud transfer services – both free and premium. The freewares have data traffic limitations. In this article, we’ll use Free MultCloud. Sign up that service. It allows managing multiple cloud services together at one place.

Step # 2: Add your Cloud Accounts

1. Click the Add Cloud Drives tab on left panel.


2. Google Drive icon from the cloud services list on right panel. Checkmark symbol will appear on icon’s upper right corner.


3. Click Next.


4. Specify a Display Name and then click Add Google Drive Account.


5. Grant the administrative permissions by clicking Allow.


6. Similarly, click the Add Cloud Drives tab in left panel.

7. Click DropBox icon, and then Next.Select-a-Cloud-to-Add

8. Specify a Display Name, click Add Dropbox Account.

9. Provide account access permissions.

Step # 3: Initiate the File Transfer

1. Click the Dropbox tab on left.


2. Navigate to parent directory. Check-up all those folder(s) you desire to migrate.

3. Right click your selection, choose Copy to option.


4. You have a new Copy to dialog. Expand the Google Drive node, select the destination folder.

5. If you desire to move the files, check-up the Move box. In case of multiple files, check-up the Multi-selection box. (Optional)


6. Click Transfer to begin the process.

Bonus Tip: Delete Duplicates; Save 10s of GBs of Cloud Storage Space

Step # 1: Get a Duplicate Cleaner

Free Download Clone Files Checker




Estimated download time: 15 Seconds

Step # 2: Perform Cloud Scan

1. Click the Cloud Scan tab on the top of newly downloaded tool.

2. Make sure the Scan Mode is set to Google Drive.

3. Click Load Drive on the left.


4. Click Allow to provide CFC permissions to access your Google Drive files and folders.


5. Now you can see all Google Drive root folders in left panel under Select drive/ folder (Step 1).

6. Check-up all those folders you desire to scan for duplicates.


7. Now select a scan type, viz. All Files or Custom.

8. Click Start Search to initiate identical cloud files finding process.


9. Wait till the scan is completed.

Step # 3: Instantly Get Rid of All Dupes

1. Click Select Duplicates.


2. Choose an option depending on duplicates you desire.

3. Click Select Action.

4. Choose Permanent Delete or Move to folder, whichever you prefer.


That’s it folks! You’ve successfully deleted/ moved your duplicate files.

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