Simple Ways to Prevent Jscript.dll Missing Error

Jscript.dll error might appear while opening an application software or during boot/ shutdown interval. The file contains important piece of information and commonly shared system resources.

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Alternative manual troubleshooting steps are given below:

Run your PC in Safe Mode

You can access Windows normally in safe mode if the problem is caused due to invalid startup references to Jscript.dll file. In the safe mode your computer prevents all third party application software from running, so less likely you’ll receive an error. To run your Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 machine in safe mode, open up System Configuration utility and set “Safe Mode” option under Boot tab. There are four types, viz. minimal, alternate shell, active directory repair and network. Keep the default option Minimal. In case of earlier operating systems, pressing F8 key and choosing appropriate option before boot interval works.


Update Device Drivers

Jscript.dll error could appear while playing a 3D video game because of outdated system drivers. Make sure the existing drivers are compatible with your system and obtain latest driver versions from the manufacturer’s website under Downloads section. You’ll be prompted to select model of your graphics card, operating system version and system type (32 bit/ 64 bit).

Use SFC /ScanNow Command

This command is known to scan and repair corrupt system files. Besides, it scans for missing DLLs. It could be helpful in restoring original version of Jscript.dll file.


Troubleshoot Registry Issues

Without needing to disable User Account Control, you can fix JSCript.dll file Registry issues. Each DLL file has its entries in Registry. Make sure the Registry entries referring to this file are functional. Here are the commands to deregister and reregister the file:


Rollback Major Changes

If you’ve recently changed any system settings or made important hardware changes, please rollback them. Uninstall any recently added hardware device.

Using System Restore might work in case of major change in system settings or Registry.


If a new driver update was installed prior to this error, you might have to rollback that particular driver using Driver Properties dialog.


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