USB Stick Error 0x80070079

The error occurs while copying large sized files, typically larger than 600 MB, to a USB Stick.

One-Click Troubleshooter (Highly Recommended)

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Alternative manual troubleshooting steps are given below:

Check USB Flash Drive for Errors

Over times, a cheap, substandard quality USB Stick can become corrupted after its repeated use. It may not deliver the same capacity as promised in advertisement or merchant website. It’s just a fraction of that. Sometimes the problem may also occur if the device was not safely removed on repeated basis. Scan the disk for errors through the steps given below:

1. In the Search Box of your Start Screen type “Computer Management” and open that.


2. Expand Storage | Disk Management from the left panel.


3. Right click your USB Stick listed alongside other volumes, select Properties.

4. Click Tools in the new dialog that appears, and then Check button.


5. Start the process; wait till it is finished. It may take several minutes.

Format Corrupted Drive

Drive file systems are ways of organizing the information stored on it. Due to problem with the file system the disk fails to copy large files.

1. Click the File Explorer icon on your Taskbar.

2. Click “This PC” icon in left panel.

3. Right click your USB Flash Drive icon; choose Format.

4. Select “NTFS” as the File System, and then start the process.


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